Where can I buy a degree from the University of Lethbridge?

Where can I buy a degree from the University of Lethbridge?
University of Lethbridge degree

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The University of Lethbridge (also known as uLethbridge, uLeth, and U of L) is a public comprehensive and research university, founded in the liberal education tradition, located in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, with a second campus in the city of Calgary, Alberta.The latest development at the University of Lethbridge is the "Destination Project", the first phase of which was a new $280M 38,500 square metres (414,000 sq ft) science and academic building. This facility, officially opened in September 2019, features laboratory and teaching facilities, as well as "outreach" and "maker" spaces. The building, known as the Science Commons, houses over 100 faculty researchers in physics, astronomy, chemistry, biochemistry, biological sciences, neuroscience, and psychology. In 2018, it was shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival.
The University of Lethbridge is a research-intensive university, named "Research University of the Year" in the undergraduate category in 2012, and consistently ranks highly in terms of TriCouncil funding, especially in the sciences, but increasingly in all fields of scholarly inquiry. It is home to 60 research chairs, 8 Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada, and 2 Order of Canada fake diploma online,