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1. First of all, do you know what a bachelor’s degree is?

Bachelor’s degree is the name of the degree awarded at the undergraduate stage of higher education. It is a basic degree in China’s academic degree structure and is awarded by higher education institutions authorized by the State Council. buy fake degree, buy fake diploma. buy fake degree certificate. how to buy a fake diploma? Undergraduate graduates of the national education series have achieved excellent average scores and graduation thesis in the courses they have taken, and have passed the foreign language unified examination organized or recognized by the provincial education department, and have participated in the “main course” examination organized by the degree-granting unit, and have scores Qualified, a degree awarded by the degree-granting unit in accordance with the “Regulations on Academic Degrees of the People’s Republic of China”.

It means that the degree holder has a good grasp of the basic theory, professional knowledge and basic skills of the subject, and has the preliminary ability to engage in scientific research or undertake specialized technical work.

Simply put, if you graduate from a bachelor’s degree, you have enough credits in the school, you pass the CET-4 test in English, and you pass the graduation thesis defense, you will be awarded a bachelor’s degree!

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2. Are you clear about the diploma and bachelor’s certificate?

The graduation certificate is the basis of the degree certificate. Only after obtaining the graduation certificate can you be eligible to apply for the degree certificate. The graduation certificate is a unified national number. There is a search website on the certificate.

The degree certificate is issued under the authorization of each school. The number is not uniform across the country, and there is no website address on the certificate, but the meaning of the degree certificate number is basically the same. The degree certificate is issued by your university with good grades and meets the authorization conditions.

It is estimated that some people have a graduation certificate but have not obtained a degree certificate. Next, let me talk about the degree certificate. The degree certificate is entirely dependent on the employer’s requirements for job hunting. Some places require it, some places don’t, but larger companies generally require it. buy fake degree certificate. Except of course. The same is true for postgraduate entrance examinations. Some schools require a degree certificate, while others do not. You can take the civil service examination without a degree certificate. But generally speaking, few employers of government agencies do not require a degree certificate. Without a degree certificate, it is difficult to be admitted even if you pass the civil service qualification test.

Basically, what you look for in undergraduate job hunting is a graduation certificate.

Postgraduates need double certificates to find a job, mainly looking at the degree certificate. The graduation certificate is an academic certificate, indicating that you have experienced university studies. It can only show that you have studied at this school. From the perspective of this school, you have graduated and passed.

The degree certificate is a certificate of competence, which means that you already have the ability of a university. This is the most important thing. The certificate that can reflect your value, your ability, and your level is issued by the Ministry of Education. This represents the state recognizes your level.

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No degree means nothing

The difference between academic certificate and degree certificate, academic certificate is graduation certificate. From the perspective of learning gains, academic qualifications represent learning experiences, and degrees represent learning levels and levels. The degree only proves the time and process of a person’s learning, but the degree is the recognition that the person’s knowledge has reached a certain level. Therefore, the value of a degree exceeds that of a degree.

From the perspective of market recognition, for people working in government agencies, institutions or state-owned enterprises, dual certificates have a competitive advantage over single certificates. However, there is little difference between foreign-funded enterprises and private enterprises. buy fake degree. The key is personal ability and professional background. The master’s degree certificate only serves as a stepping stone.

3. What role does the degree certificate have to let us waste decades of time?

1. When taking a civil service examination, he sometimes needs to have a degree. When taking a postgraduate examination, some schools require a bachelor’s degree.

2. Job hunting: more and more company interviews require complete undergraduates’ dual certificates; some public institutions must have a bachelor’s degree in order to enter the establishment!

3. Evaluation of professional titles: Generally speaking, staff with a bachelor’s degree have more advantages in the evaluation of corporate professional titles, and even play a decisive role!

4. Full-time graduate students: Some colleges and universities require candidates to obtain a bachelor’s degree before entering the postgraduate entrance examination!

5. On-the-job postgraduates: Most on-the-job postgraduates apply for a master’s degree. How to buy a fake diploma? The prerequisite for applying for a master’s degree requires a bachelor’s degree certificate; a very small number of professional colleges or undergraduates without a degree can apply for the same academic level, but the working life is relatively high!

6. Civil servants: Departmental civil servant positions have requirements for a degree certificate. It is easier to pass an interview with a degree certificate!

7. Studying abroad: Most Chinese students studying abroad can only study preparatory courses if they do not have a degree certificate!

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