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The University of Zurich (UZH, German: Universität Zürich) is a public research university located in Zurich, Switzerland. It is the largest university in Switzerland with 28,000 students. It was founded in 1833 and consists of the existing Faculty of Theology, Law, Medicine and a new Faculty of Philosophy dating back to 1525.

Currently, the university has seven faculties: Philosophy, Human Medicine, Economic Sciences, Law, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Theology and Veterinary Medicine. The university offers the widest range of subjects and programmes among Swiss higher education institutions.

The university is located throughout the city of Zurich. The main campuses are located in the city centre, Irchelpark and Oerlikon. How much to get a Universität Zürich fake degree? Best way to buy Universität Zürich diploma, Copy high quality Universität Zürich certificate samples, order UZH diploma online, fake UZH degree, fake UZH transcript, buy a diploma in Switzerland, buy a degree in Switzerland, buy bachelor’s degree from Switzerland, buy master’s degree from Switzerland. University members have access to several libraries, including the ETH Library and the Zurich Central Library, which hold more than 5 million volumes. In 1962, the Faculty of Science proposed the establishment of the Irchelpark campus at Strickhofareal. Construction of the first phase of the university buildings began in 1973 and the campus was inaugurated in 1979. Construction of the second phase lasted from 1978 to 1983. The campus also houses the Museum of Anthropology, the Museum of Anthropology, and the State Archives of the Canton of Zurich.