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The University of Plymouth is a public research university mainly located in Plymouth, England, where the main campus is located, but the university has campuses and affiliated colleges in the South West of England. With 18,410 students, it is ranked 57th in the UK by total number of students (including the Open University). It has 2,915 employees.

Originally established in 1862 as the Plymouth School of Navigation, How obout to buy the University of Plymouth diploma? how much to buy University of Plymouth degree? buy UK degree, buy UK certificate, buy UK transcript, order University of Plymouth fake degree online, obtain University of Plymouth fake transcript. before becoming a University College in 1920 and a Polytechnic in 1970, its constituent institutions were Plymouth Institute of Technology, Rolle College in Exmouth, Exeter Arts and Technology The School of Design (administered by Devon County Council until April 1989) and Seale-Hayne College (an independent charity until April 1989). The name was changed to Southwest Institute of Technology in 1989, a move that was unpopular with students due to the name’s lack of identity. It was the only polytechnic to change its name to “PSW” until it achieved university status along with other polytechnics in 1992. The new university absorbed the Plymouth Maritime College.


In 2006, part of the remains of the Portland Square bomb shelter from World War II was rediscovered on the Plymouth campus. On the night of April 22, 1941, during the Blitz, a bomb fell on the scene, killing more than 70 civilians, including a mother and her six children. The bomb went off so powerfully that human remains were found in the treetops. Only three survived, all children.

The University’s first Vice-Chancellor was John Bull. Roland Lewinsky succeeded him until his death on January 1, 2007, when he walked into a live cable in a storm. [8] He was temporarily replaced by Mark Cleary (currently Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bradford), and Steve Newstead. Wendy Purcell became VC on December 1, 2007. She was placed on leave by the school on July 2, 2014, while an internal review was conducted. A month later, the Higher Education Funding Council for England called for an independent external review of the university’s governance. In August 2014, HEFCE directed the university to undertake an external review of its governance following the sabbatical of Vice-Chancellor Wendy Purcell. buy a degree from University of Plymouth in UK, where to purchase University of Plymouth fake certificate? fake University of Plymouth degree, fake University of Plymouth certificate, copy high quality University of Plymouth diploma in UK.

Judith Petts CBE was appointed Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive of the University of Plymouth in February 2016. She joined Plymouth from the University of Southampton, where she was Vice-Chancellor for Research and Enterprise, and was the inaugural Dean of the Faculty of Sociology and Humanities (2010-2013).
The University was selected by the Royal Statistical Society in October 2008 to be the location of its Centre for Statistics Education. It also offers courses in maritime business, marine engineering, marine biology, and earth, ocean and environmental sciences.