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The University of Florence is a relatively young institution with ancient roots going back. to the Studium Florentinum founded in 1321. The official status of the University was granted by an Act of Parliament passed in 1923. The University of Florence has. approximately 60,000 students, with almost 5% of them coming from foreign countries. Teaching staff and researchers number more than 2,300 and members of the administrative staff are almost 1,800. With its 12 faculties (Agriculture; Architecture; Economics; Pharmacy; Law; Engineering; Arts; Medicine and Surgery; Psychology; Education; Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences; Political Sciences) the University of Florence offers 98 first-cycle degree courses, 111 second-cycle degree courses and 6 single-cycle degrees (Lauree specialistiche o magistrali a ciclo unico). Faculties are located in the historical centre of Florence and in various Poli (decentralized centres) all over the town. The campus of Sesto Fiorentino, a broad settlement of classrooms and research facilities in the fields of science and technology, is located in the suburbs, as well as locations in other Tuscan cities. One of the outstanding characteristics of the University of Florence is the decentralization of its activities which include the surrounding area. This is aimed at promoting connections between the university and the greater community of Tuscany. For example, in Prato, courses of Engineering, Economics, Political Sciences and Arts have been held for more than ten years. More recently in Scandicci, an industrial district where some notable fashion industries are based, a fashion design course was implemented.  buy fake diploma online Other courses are held in Calenzano, Pistoia, Empoli, San Casciano Val di Pesa, and Figline Valdarno. Programmes of study also include 114 master degrees (14 of them in cooperation with other universities) and 115 postgraduate courses (Corsi di perfezionamento). Not only does the University of Florence work to promote relations nationally, buy fake diploma. buy fake degree. buy fake certificate. order fake diploma online. buy fake diploma online. University of Florence diploma. University of Florence degree. University of Florence certificate.
aims at achieving an international dimension by encouraging student-exchange programmes (Florence ranks among the top Italian institutions for student mobility within the Socrates/Erasmus programme). The University of Florence counts more than 500 agreements of cooperation with partner institutions participating in the LLP/Erasmus programme, and is working on the implementation of courses specifically designed for obtaining a joint degree, a degree recognized both in Italy and in a partner country. In fact, Florence has already activated the French-Italian Degree in Law (together with the University of Paris I PanthéonSorbonne) and the analogous Italian-Spanish Degree in Law together with the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Buy fake degree.