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The University of Cumbria is located at the University of Cumbria in Lancaster, England, and is one of the many schools in Cumbria in 2007 by the St. Martin College, the Cumbria Art Institute and the Central Lancashire University Campus, but its affiliated colleges are centuries-old schools, such as the 1822 establishment of the Cumbria Academy of Art, set up in 1896 Charlotte Mason Institute of Education. August 1, 2007, St. Martin’s College, Campbellia Art Institute and Central Lancashire University, a number of Campbell Island campus will be officially merged into the University of Copia. buy fake University of Cumbria degree Bachelor of Arts, buy Bachelor of Business Administration from University of Cumbria, buy Bachelor of Science in UK, buy Master of Arts in University of Cumbria, buy University of Cumbria Master of Business Administration fake degree. buy fake diploma.