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The University of Buckingham The University of Buckingham (The University of Buckingham) is the only non-profit private institution in the UK (Independent University of Buckingham University), founded in 1976 under the name of Buckingham University College, and officially upgraded to a university in 1980 after being chartered by the Queen of England. The current honorary president is the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Baroness Margaret Thatcher .As the holder of the Royal Charter, the university has the right to award degrees, and its academic qualifications are recognized internationally, and the Chinese and English academic qualifications are exchanged with the Chinese Ministry of fake degree fake degree. buy fake certificate. buy fake diploma in UK. order fake diploma online. purchase fake diploma online.
The University of Buckingham (UB) is a non-profit private university in Buckingham, England and the oldest of the country’s five private universities.[a] It was founded as the University College at Buckingham (UCB) in 1973, admitting its first students in 1976. It was granted university status by royal charter in 1983. Buckingham offers bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and doctoral degrees through five “schools” (or faculties) of study. buy fake diploma.