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Founded in 1495 in Aberdeen, Scotland, it is a well-known education and research center, one of the four ancient Scottish universities established in the Middle Ages, and the fifth oldest university in the UK. The school has five Nobel Prize winners, including the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Physics, Medicine and Peace. The University of Aberdeen has a high reputation for medicine. Both insulin and MRI were invented by professors at the University of Aberdeen.

In February 1495, the then Bishop of Aberdeen, William Elphinstone, was sent by King James IV of Scotland to Rome to see Pope Alexander VI. He hoped that the Pope would entrust him to the Old City of Aberdeen (Old Town). Aberdeen established a university called King’s College. The Pope met with Alphans on February 6, 1495, and after inquiring in detail why the university was established in Aberdeen and how to maintain it financially, he replied with the edict of the Pope, and the University of Aberdeen was formally established. When the university was first established, there were only 36 teachers and students.

In 1497, the university established the world’s first English-speaking medical teaching position, and at the same time established the first medical school in the country with an English department. The university mainly trained doctors, teachers and pastors for northern Scotland, and trained lawyers and management talents for the Scottish government at that time. Buy fake diploma.

In 1593, George Keys, the fifth Earl of Matthew, founded Marischal College, the second university in Aberdeen, in the central area of ​​the new city of Aberdeen to the south.

In 1860, the two colleges were merged in accordance with the “Universities (Scotland) Act 1858” passed by the British Parliament and formally called the University of Aberdeen. The bill also stipulates that the age of the university starts from King’s College, making it the third oldest university in Scotland and the fifth oldest university in the UK. The previous four universities were Oxford University, Cambridge University, University of St Andrews and University of Glasgow in the order of establishment.