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In 1839, a school for training ‘Masters’ was founded by William Otter, Bishop of Chichester, known as the Bishop Otter College. The original buildings, created in a neo-Tudor style, were designed by the architect J. Butler.
In 1873, the campus became a training institute for women teachers due to the activism of Louisa Hubbard after the Elementary Education Act 1870 which created demand for school teachers. Men were admitted to the college in 1957.Buy fake diploma. Buy fake degree. Buy fake certificate. Buy fake diploma in UK. Order fake diploma online. Buy fake University College Chichester diploma online. Purchase fake diploma online.
In the 20th century, the campus was gradually expanded to meet demand. There was a large extension in the 1960s, including a steep gabled cruciform chapel, designed by the architect, Peter Shepheard. During the 1970s the Principal of Bishop Otter College was Gordon McGregor, who went on to be Principal of Ripon and York St John and latterly Emeritus Professor of Education at the University of Leeds. buy a fake degree certificate. At Bognor Regis, a teacher training college was founded in the 1940s to support the expansion of education.
In 1977 Bishop Otter College and the Bognor Regis college were merged to form the West Sussex Institute of Higher Education (WSIHE), with degrees being awarded by CNAA and later the University of Southampton. Alumni from this period include the actor Jason Merrells and the author Paula Byrne. Between 1995 and 1999, it was known as Chichester Institute of Higher Education. It gained degree-awarding powers in 1999, becoming known as University College Chichester, and became recognised as a full university in October 2005.
In 2015 Chichester University secured government and lotteries commission funding to the value of approximately £8millions and embarked on a plan of expansions at both academic sites, involving the demolition of several smaller collegiate structures, that were no longer suitable for purpose and the construction of facilities for academia, administration and sports.Buy fake diploma.
In January 2017 the multi-million-pound purpose built Academic Block was opened, hosting a lecture and seminar rooms, a brand new Students’ Union shop and a sprung floor dance space.