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The University of Bern offers the highest quality across the board: it enjoys special recognition in cutting-edge disciplines, is renowned for its outstanding teaching quality and offers a pleasant environment. The campus environment is closely related to the social, economic and political life of the Swiss capital city. Can I get to buy University Bern diploma? where to buy a University Bern certificate? buy Germany degree, buy Germany diploma, buy Germany certificate.

The university’s comprehensive program includes eight faculties and approximately 160 institutes. The university was founded in 1834, but some of the colleges date back to the 16th century. With more than 14,000 students, it is medium-sized among Swiss universities. Unlike larger establishments, it retains a human dimension and a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The University of Bern has two competence centres for “Climate Science”. The Bern-based National Competence Centre “North-South” works on governance and conflict, health and sustainability. Research is also strong in computer science and space research. Theatre studies take place in Bern in a unique way. In the humanities, three new research and teaching focuses were established in 2008: the Centre for Cultural Studies, the Centre for Global Studies and the Centre for Language and Society Studies. Students in these fields have top-notch researchers as their teachers.

Languages ​​spoken on campus: German, English, French
Founded in 1191, the city of Bern is one of the most outstanding examples of medieval town architecture in Europe. UNESCO has included Bern on its World Heritage List. The city is safe and attracts young people with its many bars, restaurants and theatres. Einstein developed his theory of relativity while living in Bern, and Paul Klee’s largest collection of works is in town. The city is green and offers a variety of outdoor activities, including skiing and swimming in the Aare River in winter and various city pools in summer. Bern is the capital of Switzerland and is located in the center of Switzerland and Europe. Zurich, Basel, Lausanne and the Bern Swiss Alps are all within an hour’s train ride. Paris and Milan are both within three to four hours away.

Low-cost activities and excursion programs for exchange students. Student Union, University Big Band, Choir, International Student Clubs, Religious Groups, Sports Teams and many other organizations are open to all students. buy fake University Bern degree, buy fake diploma sample, obtain University Bern transcript online, replica high quality University Bern diploma certificate, buy bachelor’s degree from University Bern, buy master’s degree in University Bern. The sports facilities are excellent, mostly free, and include supervised training in different sports: mountaineering, skiing, fencing, fitness, swimming, games, dance and martial arts. The University of Bern has modern sports facilities including tennis courts, swimming pools and indoor courts for volleyball, basketball and other team sports. In addition, the sports association arranges excursions for hiking, climbing, paragliding and skiing.