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The University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC, formerly University College of Maryland) is a public university located in Adelphi, Maryland. It is the largest campus in the University of Maryland system. Founded in 1947, UMGC focuses on online education in on-campus programs and programs at its academic center in Largo and satellite campuses in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area, Maryland, and around the world.

Serving more than 90,000 students worldwide, UMGC is one of the largest distance learning institutions in the world. UMGC is open to all undergraduate program applicants and is one of the top 10 recipients of the federal G.I. Bill Foley. The university offers 120 academic programs in instructor-led and online programs, including bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, as well as undergraduate and graduate certificates. UMGC is accredited by the Mid-State Commission on Higher Education. buy UMGC fake diploma, how to purchase UMGC degree certificate? how much to UMGC fake degree? Where to Make Fake UMGC Transcripts? order UMGC certificate online.

UMGC is one of the largest distance education providers in the United States. Courses are taught in a traditional classroom setting as well as online. Even before the advent of online education on the World Wide Web, UMGC was a pioneer in distance education and offered distance learning through dial-up access using its WebTycho interface. UMGC later adopted the web to connect its online classrooms and used television and correspondence courses to deliver course content

UMGC is headquartered in Adelphi, Maryland, near the University of Maryland College Park campus. Until the end of 2000, the UMGC headquarters was listed in University Park, Maryland. To establish itself as an independent university, UMGC changed its postal address to Adelphi, an unincorporated community that borders College Park. Address changes for the United States Postal Service do not involve physical movement of people and facilities. The marketing decision to change its postal address is one of many UMGC has made to make the university one of the largest distance education centers, with more than 248,000 students enrolled worldwide in fiscal 2015.