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The Technische Universität Dresden is one of the top universities in Germany and Europe: strong in research and considered first-rate with respect to the range and the quality of the study programmes it offers, it is also closely interconnected with culture, business and society. As a modern comprehensive, multi-discipline university and with its 14 faculties it has a broad and diverse scientific spectrum that only few other universities in Germany are able to match. The large campus family of the TU Dresden is comprised of 37,000 students and approximately 7,700 employees – among them 492 professors. With 124 courses the TU Dresden offers a full range of studies, as a basis for interdisciplinary learning and research. buy a fake diploma fake diploma. buy fake degree. buy fake certificate. buy fake diploma online. buy fake degree online. order fake diploma online. purchase fake diploma online.
The TU Dresden (TUD) is one of eleven German Universities of Excellence since June 2012. With two Clusters of Excellence, one Graduate School and the Institutional Strategy this distinction confirms the potential of Germany’s largest technical university. But it is also an incentive and a guiding principle to stay and become even more “excellent”. Buy fake diploma.