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Thomas Edison State University is a public university in Trenton, New Jersey. It is a majority-online institution that serves the state’s adult population.One of New Jersey’s 11 public universities and colleges, Thomas Edison State University offers degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Thomas Edison State College was approved by the New Jersey Board of Education in December 1971 and established on July 1, 1972. The school was named in honor of Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor who lived in New Jersey for the bulk of his adult life and gained encyclopedic knowledge of many subject areas through self-directed learning. In 2015, Thomas Edison State University was awarded university status. Buy fake American university degrees online,  buy fake TESU certificates, and get a bachelor’s degree from Thomas Edison State fake degree.

Established in 1972 as Thomas Edison State College, Thomas Edison State University has a national reputation for academic excellence and educational integrity. Thomas Edison State University provides flexible, high-quality, collegiate learning opportunities for self-directed adults. One of New Jersey’s 12 senior public institutions of higher education, the College offers associate, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in more than 100 areas of study.

Thomas Edison State University is regionally accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and has earned additional specialized accreditations for its nursing and educational leadership programs. It is the only state college in New Jersey that offers degree programs at the associate, baccalaureate, and master’s levels, as well as undergraduate and graduate certificates. The College also offers online noncredit professional certificates. TESU degree, buy TESU fake diploma, how to order TESU fak diploma.

For nearly 40 years, the College has pioneered the use of the latest technologies to develop flexible, high-quality educational programs for adults, and has served as a national leader in the assessment of adult learning.

The entire academic program at the College revolves around the unique needs of adults, removing the barriers that limit many adult students who cannot sacrifice their personal and professional responsibilities to pursue their education. Students earn credit through a variety of methods designed exclusively for adult learners, including online courses, guided independent study, examination programs, courses delivered via mobile devices such as flash drives, transferring credits earned from other regionally accredited institutions, earning credit for professional and/or military training, and by demonstrating college-level knowledge acquired outside a traditional classroom.

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