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Texas Driver’s License Application:

If you are new to Texas, buy fake Texas Driver Licenseor, this is your first time getting a driver’s license, you will need to apply in person at the driver’s license office. All new drivers must:

Submit a driver’s license application with required documents
Schedule an appointment at the driver’s license office
Pay the driver’s license application fee
Fingerprints for criminal background checks
take pictures of them
Pass an eye exam
Complete and pass a state or certified third-party provider’s knowledge and driving test
Driver’s License and ID Application Requirements

To get a driver’s license, you need:

Proof of citizenship or legal residence in the United States
Prove that you are a Texas resident
Social Security Numbers and Social Security Cards
Texas Vehicle Registration
Proof of vehicle insurance
All documents must be current and not expired. If you changed your name on your birth certificate, you will need to bring legal proof of the name change.

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