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Temple University (Temple University, or Temple University), a state comprehensive research university located in Philadelphia on the east coast of the United States, is the educational center of the United States. Subject to the Penn State government’s state funding period, but its school maintains a model of private school independence subject to the state government’s control. Provides 464 professional degree programs, including 149 bachelor’s degrees, 148 master’s degrees, 65 professional degrees and 7 professional degree programs. Temple University Week was founded in 1884, and 130 years have passed. It has been called the “Three Famous Universities in Philadelphia” (the other two are universities, Drexel University) and one of the “Three Privileges” of the state. One (the other two are used for rental universities, University of Pittsburgh). The school has a total of 39,000 students and 1,500 international students. It is the 36th largest institution of higher learning in the United States. There are about 273,000 students in the past, of which about 7,300 are from 162 around the world. In 1965, it became a member of the Penn State Higher Education System. It is quite uneven, so it has the purpose of establishing an “Equal Opportunity” (Equal Opportunity) university. It is nothing more than to provide young students with equal opportunities In order to encourage young friends to strive for the truth and practice personal dreams in a realistic and practical way. In addition, the special point of the heavenly university is that it is outside the United States, there is also a Rome in Italy, and a Rome in Japan. You can see its preservation Considerable cultural integration.Ranked among the best, such as medical schools, law schools, women’s, communication and art schools, etc. buy fake diploma. buy fake degree.