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I said I would never apply to San Jose State because I wanted to get out of my hometown of San Jose. After being there for a year now, I cannot imagine being anywhere else. I have made so many new friends through summer orientation, living in the dorms, and all my classes. You can tell that the administration truly cares about the well-being of all of the students on campus, for I have had great professors thus far. I understand that because the school is located in downtown, which has a reputation of not being the safest, people may shy away from this school. However, the campus ensures that all students and faculty are safe. There is a police department right on campus as well as blue lights located at many spots around campus if you feel like you are in danger. You can even call for an escort if you feel unsafe, and to get into dorms you must have your key card and there are people are the front desk who check your ID to make sure you live there. High recommend this university! I want to buy SJSU diploma. buy SJSU fake degree, buy SJSU fake diploma online. buy fake diploma.