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Sheffield Hallam University was founded in 1843, and its predecessor was Sheffield School of Design. From the beginning of the school, Sheffield Hallam University has been closely connected with industry. After years of self-development, Sheffield Hallam University has enjoyed a certain reputation and is the first batch of British universities approved in the Chinese-English degree mutual recognition agreement of the Chinese Ministry of Education. Sheffield Hallam University recruits students from all over the world, and now there are about 3,500 international students studying here, accounting for about 15% of the total number of students. Here, cultures of different countries can be exchanged, and the collision of ideas allows students to experience different cultures. In terms of college settings, Sheffield Hallam University mainly has the School of Construction Management, the School of Health and Social Care, the School of Professional and Organizational Development, the School of Environmental and Leisure Management, the School of Educational Research, and the School of Medical Research. There are also different majors suitable for students with different requirements and fake diploma online.