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How to buy Singapore Management University degree,buy SMU diploma

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How to buy  Singapore Management University degree,buy SMU diploma.
Singapore Management University degree 
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Singapore Management University's global rankings, according to the latest QS World University Rankings, Singapore Management University ranks among the top 500 in the world, ranking 477. In Singapore, it ranks second only to the first Asian universities in Singapore and Nanyang Technological University. According to Li Sichen's study abroad, in the 2019 QS Business Analysis Masters Rankings, the University of Singapore Management University's Master of IT Business (MITB) program ranked first in Asia in 75 business analysis master programs in 17 countries around the world. Ranked 11th.
How is the global ranking of Singapore Management University?
Master of Business Information Technology, MIMBA, Singapore Management University
Starting time: starting in January or August each year
Curriculum: Full-time course for 12 months
In the financial industry, technology is the key to staying competitive. Students studying at MITB at the Singapore Management University will pass on the course to teach students data, processes and management strategies to help students stay at the forefront of the industry. Students can choose from two unique specializations: analytics or financial services analytics.