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The Royal Agricultural University (RAU), formerly the Royal Agricultural College, buy RAU diploma, buy RAU degree, buy RAU UK diploma certificate, buy UK bachelor’s degree, buy UK fake master’s degree, how much to buy RAU diploma, where can I make fake RAU transcript? Buy fake RAU diplomas and certificates. buy is a university located in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England. Founded in 1845, it was the first agricultural college in the English-speaking world. The university offers more than 30 land-based undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to students from more than 45 countries through the Faculty of Agriculture, Business and Entrepreneurship, Equine Faculty and the Faculty of Real Estate and Land Management.

The Royal Agricultural University was established as the Royal Agricultural College in 1842 at a meeting of the Farmers’ Clubs of Fairford and Cirencester. Concerned about the lack of government support for education, Robert Jeffreys-Brown spoke at the conference titled “Advantages in the Pursuit of Specific Education in Agriculture”. General Committee Appointment Prospectus, Appointment General Committee, 4th Burleigh Baths, 4th Earl Henry Bathurst was elected President. Funding was subscribed by the public: most of the support came from wealthy landowners and farmers at the time, with no government support. Construction of the Victorian Tudor-style main house began in April 1845, by SW Daukes and John R. Hamilton, by Thomas Bridges of Cirencester. In September 1845, the first 25 students were admitted to the college.

Queen Victoria granted the college a royal charter in 1845, buy fake diploma, buy fake degree, buy fake certificate, order RAU fake transcript, purchase RAU fake degree in UK. and the monarch has been patron of the college ever since, visiting the college during every reign. His Royal Highness Prince Charles became President in 1982.

The college received full university status in 2013 and changed its name accordingly. There were 1,125 students in the 2019/20 academic year, a 49% increase in applications between 2008 and 2013. The Royal Agricultural University was voted the safest university in the South West in 2013 and topped the UK for spending on facilities.