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The Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCS England, sometimes RCS) is an independent professional body and registered charity that promotes and improves the standard of surgical care for patients and regulates surgery and dentistry in England and Wales. The college is located at Inn Fields in Lincoln, London. It publishes a number of medical journals, including the Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons, the Academy of Dentistry and the Bulletin of the Royal College of Surgeons. buy RCS England fake diploma, Where Can I buy RCS England degree certificate? How much for RCS England degree? order RCS England diploma certificate online, buy Royal College of Surgeon of England degree.

The origins of the college can be traced back to the 14th century with the founding of the “London Society of Surgeons”. Some sources say this happened in 1368. There was a dispute between surgeons and barber surgeons until an agreement was signed between them in 1493 giving the power to form the Society of Surgeons. In 1540, Henry VIII further formalized the union between the Cult of the Barbers (founded in 1462) and the Guild of Surgeons, forming the Barber Surgeons Company. In 1745, surgeons broke away from barbers to form the Company of Surgeons. In 1800, the company received a Royal Charter to become the Royal College of Surgeons of London. Another charter in 1843 gave it what is now the Royal College of Surgeons.

Before 1820, in order to meet the requirements of the London College of Surgeons, students would spend time in London and choose a course of surgical teaching offered by teachers at Guy’s Hospital, St Thomas’ – collectively known as London The Borough Hospital, as well as attending anatomy classes in private institutions, such as William Hunt’s Anatomy School, was at one time attached to Middlesex Hospital. While some surgical students by this time were already qualified as an MD (or equivalent), it was not until the 1830s that surgical students were required to obtain a medical degree at the university before they could begin studying for membership of the Royal College of Surgeons. By the 1830s, with the establishment of the University of London, St George’s Hospital and the London Medical School at King’s College London, the influence of private schools gradually waned.

Today, RCS offers a range of online e-learning modules and hands-on workshops to facilitate CPD for trainee and consultant surgeons across different specialties. buy Royal College of Surgeon of England fake diploma, purchase Royal College of Surgeon of England degree, order RCS degree certificate online.

Since May 2017, RCS has been offering a Postgraduate Certificate in Surgery to junior surgical trainees. The qualification combines e-learning modules and practical reasons to “provide surgical trainees with a high-quality, flexible and interactive way to build their surgical knowledge and skills” across different surgical specialties.