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How to buy Purdue University Global fake degree?

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Purdue University Global, Inc (PG) is an adult-serving public university, buy fake degree online, How much to buy Purdue University Global fake diploma? buy fake degree, buy fake certificate online, buy fake transcript, operating as a public-benefit corporation and part of the Purdue University system. With content delivered mostly online, Purdue University Global’s programs focus on career-oriented fields of study at the credential, associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral level. The university also has four physical classroom locations and Concord Law School.

Purdue Global was created in April 2018 from Purdue University’s acquisition and rebranding of the former private for-profit Kaplan University. Kaplan Higher Education continues to offer non-academic support services such as recruitment, admissions, human resources, marketing and technology support by contract, under the supervision of Purdue University, and most academic staff are former Kaplan employees. PG’s academic headquarters are in West Lafayette, Indiana; its main campus (for accreditation purposes) is in Indianapolis, Indiana; and its online support centers are in Chicago and in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Following several years of government scrutiny, media criticism, and significant enrollment decline, Graham Holdings Company (GHC) sold Kaplan University for one dollar in March 2018 to the Purdue University system. Purdue rebranded the institution as Purdue University Global and agreed to employ Kaplan, Inc., a subsidiary of GHC, as the exclusive provider of nonacademic functions. Kaplan, Inc. agreed to assume responsibility for liabilities resulting before the transaction. According to the contract terms, Kaplan would receive 12.5 percent of the university’s revenue, as long as funds are available after all operating expenses and guaranteed payments to Purdue have been covered.

Purdue University president, Mitch Daniels, announced the intent to acquire Kaplan University in April 2017. From 2017 to January 2018, the school’s temporary placeholder name was NewU. Purdue University Global’s lineage is rooted in a series of for-profit colleges: American Institute of Commerce (1937–1999), Quest College (1999–2000), and Kaplan College (2000–2004), later renamed Kaplan University (2004–2017). In the years prior to its sale to Purdue University, Kaplan University’s parent company, Kaplan Inc., closed or sold several schools, including Kaplan College (a primarily brick and mortar vocational school, not to be confused with the online university that became Kaplan University in 2004), and Kaplan Career Institute, which were purchased by Education Corporation of America in 2015. Kaplan University was the last accredited higher education institution owned by Kaplan, Inc.

In 2017, Purdue president Mitch Daniels stated that the Purdue University deal with Kaplan incurred “virtually no financial risk”, and had a “strong upside potential”. Critics and analysts disagreed with Daniels’ assessment, and in order to obtain regulatory approval the U.S. Department of Education required Purdue to assume responsibility for Kaplan University’s debt and liability “whether they are known or unknown, and whether they accrue prior to, or after the closing of the transaction” noting the debts and liabilities backed by Purdue “constitute an instrumentality of the state of Indiana for the purpose of the department’s regulations”. In the acquisition agreement Kaplan agreed to assume responsibility for liabilities resulting before the transaction, however the U.S. Department of Education “ultimately holds Purdue and the state of Indiana responsible for liabilities resulting from the operation of Kaplan University”.Through the acquisition, Kaplan guaranteed Purdue priority payments of $10 million a year for the first five years following the transaction, of which $20 million was paid upon closing.

In 2017, Purdue University President Mitch Daniels said that the contrast between the typical Purdue West Lafayette student and the targeted Purdue Global student was “stark.” According to Purdue Global, 60 percent of Kaplan’s students were over age 30, and the mean student income at enrollment was $22,323. For 55 percent of the students, neither parent attended college.

According to Purdue University, Purdue University Global had an $18 million loss in FY 2018,  buy fake degree online, buy Purdue University Global fake diploma, buy fake certificate online, buy fake diploma, Make certificate, its first year of operation. Purdue University Treasurer Bill Sullivan said in regards to the 2018 finances, “losses are likely to continue another year, maybe two” and this was “a deliberate strategic choice and was, importantly, prefunded by Kaplan Higher Education (KHE) through the assets it brought to Purdue at acquisition” valued at more than $66 million in cash. Sullivan also stated that he expected “elevated startup costs to continue into 2019 and more modestly in 2020”.

Graham Holdings Company, reported that it recorded $16.8 million in service fees with Purdue Global in 2018, based on an assessment of its collectability under the Transition and Operations Support Agreement. In April 2019, Purdue spokesman Tim Doty stated that Purdue University “has invested over $1 million so employees and their families can continue, complete or further their education” through Purdue University Global in the form an employee benefit that offers free tuition to all Purdue employees and their families.