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Purdue University Global, Inc (PG) is an adult-serving public university, operating as a public-benefit corporation and part of the Purdue University system. With content delivered mostly online, Purdue University Global’s programs focus on career-oriented fields of study at the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. The university also has six physical classroom locations and an online law school.Purdue Global was created in April 2018 from Purdue University’s acquisition and rebranding of the former private for-profit Kaplan University. Kaplan continues to offer non-academic support services such as recruitment, admissions, human resources, marketing, and technology support by contract, under the supervision of Purdue University. PG’s academic headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois; its main campus (for accreditation purposes) is in Indianapolis, Indiana; and its online support centers are in Chicago and in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Some programs at Purdue University Global are not accredited by professional bodies, including Purdue University Global’s Concord Law School which is not accredited by the American Bar Association. buy fake Purdue University Global degree, how to buy Purdue University Global fake diploma, order Purdue University Global fake degree, buy fake degree in USA,
Purdue Global operates as a separately accredited institution within the Purdue University system and is the only institution in the system operating as a public-benefit corporation. Each campus of the Purdue University system has its own accreditation, leadership, faculty, programs, and admissions policies. As a result, transfers between the campuses are highly limited.[19] Purdue Global is classified by the U.S. Department of Education as a four-year public university but it does not receive state tax dollars due to its benefit corporation status, and it is exempt from some of the public records disclosure requirements of public universities in Indiana. According to the 2017 law that enabled Purdue or any other Indiana university to create an affiliated educational institution,it still must report financial, academic and student success data to Indiana regulators, and any decisions made by the traditional side of Purdue or emails received by Purdue’s administration remain eligible to the open records law, even if they pertain to Purdue Global.