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Open University Malaysia (OUM) was founded to provide higher education opportunities to those who believe that acquiring new knowledge and skills is a valuable investment for their career and future. buy fake Open University Malaysia degree, buy Open University Malaysia diploma, fake OUM certificate, order OUM diploma sample online, get to buy  Open University Malaysia degree in Malaysia, purchase Open University Malaysia fake diploma in Malaysia. Established in August 2000, the University is owned by a consortium of the first 11 public universities in Malaysia. As the nation’s premier open and distance learning institution, OUM offers an alternative pathway to quality higher education that allows learners to study without compromising their work or personal responsibilities.

The main campus is at Menara OUM, Kelana Centre Point Kelana Jaya. In addition to this, there are more than 30 learning centres throughout Malaysia, out of which 10 are regional learning centres. As the first open university in the country, OUM initially opened to 753 learners in 2001. A decade later, OUM has over 100,000 students in more than 50 academic programmes. How to create Open University Malaysia diploma certificate? I want to buy a Malaysia certificate document, obtain high quality OUM transcript, copy Open University Malaysia fake degree certificate, buy OUM fake degree in Malaysia, buy master’s degree in Malaysia, buy bachelor’s degree from Malaysia. The MQA Rating System for Higher Education Institutions in Malaysia for 2011 (SETARA’11) has rated OUM as a Tier 5 (Excellent) institution.

OUM has cumulatively enrolled more than 180,000 learners from diverse backgrounds, such as teachers, nurses, uniformed personnel, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, celebrities and even prison inmates. To date, the University has produced about 85,000 graduates. Recognised by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency, Public Service Department and various professional bodies, the University’s programmes cover a broad range of disciplines in business and management, applied sciences, and education and social sciences.