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NorQuest College, formerly Alberta Vocational College (AVC), How to get buy Norquest College from Canada? how can i create a norquest college diploma certificate? order Norquest College fake degree, obtain Norquest College fake transcript, buy a fake bacheloe degree in Canada, buy a fake diploma master degree in Ontario, buy fake certificates from British Columbia, buy diploma in Canada. was officially established by the Government of Alberta in 1965 with the primary objective of providing untrained and under-employed Albertans with the opportunity to develop skills required in an industrialized workforce. In 1965, AVC consisted of four academic upgrading classrooms, a space housing 60 business education students, a barber shop, a beauty culture lab, and a welding and equipment maintenance shop. There were additional programs offered at separate locations in Edmonton. With government plans to construct a central downtown site for the college in 1970, these programs would all be offered under the same roof by 1971 and total student enrollment would rise to 2,300 in 1972 from 550 in 1966. New programs were developed and existing programs expanded and revised to accommodate the educational needs of an increasing student body.

Study at Edmonton’s community college.
NorQuest College is a publicly-funded, post-secondary institution in the Edmonton region serving approximately 11,552 students each year—57% of whom are born outside of Canada—and offering a truly Canadian learning experience. NorQuest has a full range of learning options including:

Distance learning
Regional programs
NorQuest College is recognized for its award winning English as a Second Language (ESL) programs, workforce ready certificates and diplomas, and for learning opportunities such as Academic Upgrading (high school) and University Transfer programs.

NorQuest students experience unique educational opportunities in a supportive environment that is dedicated to student success. Graduates are culturally aware, competent global citizens who are valued by employers. NorQuest College is truly different – because we believe you have to be different to make a difference. Our higher education diploma and certificate programs offer career paths in:

Community Studies
NorQuest embraces diversity and honours inclusiveness:

57% of its students are born outside of Canada
Students come from 152 countries
More than 72 languages are spoken on campus
By collaborating with business, industry, government and communities, NorQuest ensures its higher education is necessary and workforce relevant. Graduates contribute significantly to Alberta’s growing economy, with 95% finding employment or enroling in further education.