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Monash University is founded in 1958. The university is known to be the 2nd oldest university in Australia. It is a part of the Group of Eight Australia. Monash University has a number of departments like the Department of Forensic Medicines, the Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, Department of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy.

The first and largest campus of Monash University was located in Clayton city, Melbourne. The campus houses the faculties of Engineering, Law, Arts, Business and Economics, Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Education, Science, and IT. The other campus of the university is Caulfield Campus which is the 2nd largest campus after Clayton. One more campus located in the university is the Peninsula campus which is home to numerous faculties like Physiotherapy, Occupation Therapy, and Psychology, Health Science and Nursing. University also three more campuses Parkville CampusLaw chambers in the heart of Melbourne’s legal precinct and 271 Collins Street especially for Bachelor of International Business students.

Monash University is home to more than 54,361 undergraduates and 28,701 post-graduate students including 27,403 international students. 109 research centers are located within the campus. Over 3,000 research articles are produced by the staff every year. Two of the most significant research achievements by the university are the discovery of Relenza (an Anti-influenza drug) and the development of an anti-malaria drug. Buy transcript online.

The university has a remarkable list of alumni which includes Anna Burke (Former Speaker of Australian House of Representatives), Simon Crean (Former Cabinet member in Rudd Government), David De Krester (Governor of Australia), Ian Macfarlane (Governor of Reserve Bank of Australia), Lim Guan Eng (Minister of finance, Malaysia) and Doug Chappel (Comedian and Actor).