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Manchester Metropolitan University (often abbreviated as MMU) is a public research university located in Manchester, United Kingdom. The university’s predecessors were the Manchester School of Mechanical Engineering[7] and the Manchester School of Design, which established the Manchester Institute of Technology in 1970. Manchester Polytechnic subsequently gained university status under the government’s Further and Higher Education Act, becoming Manchester Metropolitan University in 1992.

Manchester Metropolitan University is an accredited member of the Association of MBAs and a member of the Universities Alliance, the Association of Commonwealth Universities, the Association of North West Universities, the Association for the Advancement of Universities Business Schools and the European Association of Universities. buy fake MMU diploma, buy fake MMU degree, buy fake MMU certificate, make a fake MMU transcript, buy a degree in UK, buy a diploma in UK, how to buy the certificate from in MMU.

Manchester Metropolitan University is the merger of a number of colleges with a variety of majors, including technology, art and design. Its founding can be traced back to the Manchester School of Mechanical Engineering and the Manchester School of Design later known as the Manchester School of Art. The painter LS Lowry studied in the years following the First World War, under the tutelage of the famous Impressionist painter Adolphe Valette. The School of Business (founded 1889), the School of Education (f. 1878) and the School of Domestic Science (f. 1880) were added along with the schools of Didsbury, Crewe, Alsager and the former School of Domestic Trade (f. 1911).

Manchester Institute of Technology, formerly the School of Mechanics, later became UMIST, and in 1966 transferred non-degree courses to the School of Art. The school was renamed Manchester Polytechnic in 1970, followed by a series of mergers with Didsbury College of Education and Hollins College in 1977, and Manchester City Institute of Higher Education in 1983. In 1987, the institution became a founding member of the Northern Alliance, and on April 1, 1989, it became a body corporate under the terms of the Education Reform Act.

On 15 September 1992, Manchester Polytechnic gained university status under the broad Continuing and Higher Education Act 1992 and has since changed its name to Manchester Metropolitan University. purchase a fake Manchester Metropolitan University diploma. Buy a fake MMU degree and transcript online, Obtain The best fake MMU diploma sample.

After gaining university status, MMU absorbed the Crewe and Alsag Colleges of Higher Education and in 2004 established the Manchester School of Physiotherapy (MSOP), which was established in 1991 by merging the School of Physiotherapy at Manchester Royal Infirmary (MRI) and Withington Hospital. The MSOP was formerly affiliated with Manchester Victoria University, which extended its degree-granting programme until its last class in 2005. MSOP joined Manchester Metropolitan University in 2004 as the Department of Physiotherapy, which was later renamed the Department of Health Professions. Today it offers undergraduate and postgraduate study, a three-year undergraduate honours programme and a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) programme for unqualified support staff in the field of physiotherapy.