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Lone Star College (LSC) is a public community college system serving the northern region of the greater Houston, Texas area. In 2017, it enrolled around 95,000 students. The Lone Star College System is headquartered in The Woodlands and unincorporated Montgomery County, Texas.

Voters in the Aldine, Spring, and Humble school districts created North Harris County College in 1972 and opened the college in 1973.

The district was expanded to cover adjacent Montgomery County in 1991 and adopted the new name of the North Harris Montgomery Community College District. buy LSC fake diploma, buy LSC fake degree, fake Lone Star College degree certificate, make a fake LSC transcript.

As the district expanded to include areas beyond North Harris and Montgomery counties, the Board felt that the district’s current name did not adequately define the service area, and was difficult to remember and long. During the first semester of the 2007-2008 school year, the trustees initiated the name change process using an online voting system; the name among the options was the Lone Star College System, which was offered as) two colleges (Lone Star College – North Harris and Lone Star College – Montgomery) already contains that name, and) the 75th Texas Legislature adopted HR1123, recognizing Montgomery County as the birthplace of the Texas flag, known for its Lone Star as the state’s motto.

The Lone Star Academy System Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that the Lone Star Academy System is an integral part of its community and meets their needs. Board members do not do the work of the Academy; instead, it establishes a vision for the work through the policies it develops.

All board members represent Lone Star College as residents within the LSCS district and are not paid or remunerated for their position except where state law provides benefits. Board members are elected in November of even-numbered years by citizens of the Lone Star Academy District Service District to represent the nine individual districts for six-year terms each.