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Kettering University (formerly General Motors Institute of Technology) is a private university in Flint, Michigan. It offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and business fields. Kettering University undergraduate students are required to complete at least five co-op terms to graduate. Students gain paid work experience in a variety of industries with Kettering’s more than 550 corporate partners, and graduate with professional experiences accompanying their degree.
Kettering University is named after inventor and former head of research for General Motors, Buy Kettering University fake diploma, order Kettering University degree, how much for Kettering University certificate? Obtain Kettering University fake transcript, Copy Kettering University diploma, Charles F. Kettering. Along with his distinguished career that included his development of the automatic cash register and automobile self-starter, as well as research on magnetism and solar energy, Kettering was a proponent of cooperative education. This concept included professional experience to supplement instruction in classrooms and labs. Kettering University’s belief in experiential education is based on Charles Kettering’s foundational belief in the power of combining theory with practice.
In the 2017 U.S. News & World Report “Best Colleges” edition, Kettering University was ranked 13th nationally for non-doctorate-granting engineering universities and 7th nationally for mechanical engineering. The university also received the Princeton Review’s “Best in the Midwest” designation. In’s 2015 ROI rankings, Caitlin’s ROI was ranked 12th nationally and first in the Midwest and Michigan. In the 2014 Salary Potential Rankings, Caitlin was ranked No. 15 nationally and No. 1 in Michigan. A 2015 article examining the return on investment of the country’s top private universities ranked Caitlin No. 10, noting that Caitlin is sending graduates “with the skills employers are looking for in the world.” A 2014 article in Auto Magazine Ranks Kettering University as one of five universities in the country that students wishing to enter the automotive industry should attend. The article states that Kettering University offers “a unique program that not only prepares students for work, but puts them into work — three months in school, then three months in work until graduation.” Kettering University 137th in the world. Business Insider’s 2014 “600 Smartest Colleges in America” ​​list.