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How much for Kaplan University fake diploma?

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Kaplan University (KU) was a Private online for-profit university owned by Kaplan, Inc., buy Kaplan University fake diploma, how to purchase Kaplan University fake degree? order Kaplan University fake certificate online, obtain Kaplan University fake transcript, copy Kaplan University diploma sample. a subsidiary of the Graham Holdings Company. It was predominantly a distance learning institution, maintaining 14 ground locations across the United States. The university was named in honor of Stanley H. Kaplan, who founded Kaplan Test Prep. It was regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, one of the seven major accrediting bodies in the U.S., but the degrees in certain programs did not have the field-specific accreditation needed for graduates to obtain certification.

In 2017, Purdue University announced the acquisition of Kaplan University with the aim of changing it into a nonprofit online institution known as Purdue University Global. The acquisition, announced in April 2017, was completed in March 2018.

Following several years of significant enrollment decline, Graham Holdings sold Kaplan University to the Purdue University system for one dollar in March 2018, who rebranded the institution as Purdue University Global. In exchange, Purdue agreed to employ Kaplan, Inc. as the exclusive provider of nonacademic functions for thirty years, with a six year buyout option, and Kaplan, Inc. agreed to assume responsibility for liabilities resulting before the transaction. According to the contract terms, Kaplan receives 12.5 percent of the university’s revenue, as long as funds are available after all operating expenses and guaranteed payments to Purdue have been covered.