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It is a Technical and Continuing Education (TAFE) organization located in Fremantle, Western Australia.

A registered training institution provides more than 350 nationally recognized courses to meet the needs of full-time, part-time, workplace-based and online learning in various industry training fields. The organization also provides customized training, apprenticeships and trainees. South Metropolitan TAFE serves the city and regional communities, receiving more than 23,000 students every year. Approximately 1,000 international students are enrolled in the college, which has additional offshore training facilities and courses in eight countries/regions; Mauritius, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, India, China, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

Admissions for full-time vocational education and training award courses are coordinated by the TAFE Admissions Center. fake diploma.

Prior to 1900, technical education in Western Australia was sporadic, mainly supported by the School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering. However, the challenger’s technical education record in Fremantle dates back to 1898, when an evening school was opened at the Fremantle Boys School. These events took place in the FTI building on Adelaide Terrace. The subsequent incarnation of Challenger College was the Fremantle Technical School. The first class in 1900 consisted of 116 male students who attended evening classes in the South Terrace building, which is still used as a campus and administrative office today.

In the following decades, the name changed a bit, and the organization operated in the form of Southern City Technical College, Southern City TAFE College, and Challenger TAFE at different times.

The newly established Western Australia training department in 2009 led to the launch of Training WA, the state government’s training blueprint. An integral part of this report is to call on public training organizations to become more autonomous, and the government to give TAFE colleges more flexibility and room for innovation in the increasingly competitive training market.

The name of the Challenger Institute of Technology was officially adopted on December 15, 2009. In April 2016, Southern Metropolis TAFE was established as its successor.