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Hult International Business School (also known as Hult Business School or Hult) is a private business school with campuses in Cambridge, London, San Francisco, Dubai, New York City, and Shanghai. Hult is named for the school’s benefactor Bertil Hult.

Hult offers undergraduate, master’s, and MBA degree programs, as well as executive education through Ashridge Executive Education, buy fake Hult diploma, buy fake degree, buy fake certificate, housed on the Ashridge Estate campus. Hult is the successor of the Arthur D. Little School of Management, founded in 1964 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and of the Ashridge Business School, founded in 1959 in Ashridge, England. The school is patron to the Hult Prize, a student entrepreneur competition.

The Arthur D. Little School of Management was founded in 1964 by Arthur Dehon Little in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Originally developed as an executive management education program, the school began to grant degrees after receiving full accreditation by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges in 1976. In 1996, the Arthur D. Little School of Management formed a partnership with Boston College’s Carroll School of Management in order to share access to faculty and facilities. How to get a fake HIBS diploma online. Buy a fake Hult International Business School degree, fake the Hult International Business School diploma. Where to buy a Hult International Business School diploma and transcript, buy fake Hult degree certificate.

In 1929, Ashridge was formally established as the College of Citizenship with the backing of the Conservative Party, buy fake Hult diploma online, buy fake degree, buy fake certificate, under the academic advisory of Arthur Bryant, famed English economic historian. In 1959, the college was re-established as a school of management under the name Ashridge Business School. In 2002, Swedish billionaire Bertil Hult purchased the Arthur D. Little School of Management, which resulted in the school’s reorganization and reestablishment as Hult International Business School in 2003. Under its restructuring, Hult established a new curriculum oriented on international business, which led to the establishment of Hult’s global campuses in Dubai (2008), San Francisco (2010), Shanghai (2011), and New York (2014).

In 2007, Hult acquired Huron University in London, a private American university located in London’s Bloomsbury neighborhood, which subsequently was reestablished as Hult International Business School’s London campus.

In 2014, Hult International Business School acquired and merged with Ashridge Business School, creating one of the largest business schools in the world. After 2015, the two schools began operating as a singular entity, with the establishment of Ashridge Executive Education as Hult’s executive program.

Hult opened its undergraduate campus in London, near the City of London financial centre, in 2014.The Economist Intelligence Unit, supported by Hult International Business School, launched the Business Professor of the Year Award in 2012.