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Employer receives a large number of applications every day and that he usually made their pre-selection based on the certificates. It makes it difficult for them to spot the real degree out of all. In such cases, they can make the mistake of hiring a person with a fake degree. Same happens in different renowned departments.

However, it may harm a person or an organization in some serious situations that you must be aware of.


Requirements for serious case of forgery of documents

A particularly serious case is when the perpetrator

  • sells forged documents or is active in a gang that deals in forged documents.
  • is responsible for a very high level of financial loss due to the forgeries created.
  • puts a large number of false or falsified documents into circulation.
  • Holds an office and abuses his privileges.


What punishment the perpetrator can expect also depends on

  • whether he has a criminal record
  • whether he confesses the deed
  • whether he regrets the act
  • whether he caused great damage by the act.
  • which job he sneaks through. Is it a job as an ordinary employee or a job as a senior physician?


When is the limit for forgery of documents reached?

The mere use of a false or falsified document is punishable, even if someone else created the falsification. It is because the perpetrator makes the forged document available to the person who is to be deceived.

The prerequisites for a forgery of documents are therefore already met when an applicant sends an application falsified by a third party to a potential employer. The applicant does not have to have been hired to be a forgery of documents.


Consequences can also threaten afterward

Anyone who lies in the application process must expect consequences. Even if the forgery is discovered later, it is still possible to terminate the contract.

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