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How to buy fake ub transcript request

There are several sites on the net that provide this kind of services, but for obvious reasons it is better not to mention names. The procedure is practically the same and the first step is to get in touch with one of these portals and specify which qualification you intend to “achieve”. At the same time you must send your documents and the tax code.


what is the price of a fake degree

Later, we agree on the price which is around 1200 euros or more depending on the title, the educational institute and the country degree you are looking for. It starts with a base of 350 euros for the validation of the first three exams to continue with 150 euros for each single valid test for the purposes of the academic path.


How exams are taken for fake degree?

In detail, it is possible to establish the type of exams to be “taken”, the marks and even the title of the degree thesis. All fully “in order” since the scam takes place through the online university registration. The student is registered and has his / her own matriculation number, just as it normally happens.

According to the various comments on the net, the initiative is receiving a lot of support, not only for the ease with which a degree can be obtained, but also for the distrust of the many people recommended.


However, it is always preferred to go for a real degree rather than choosing a short way leading to many issues in the future. But in case you have no time to attend the college and want it within the minimum time possible in a professional way then get yourself registered at one of the online short courses. It can not only help you build your skills but also provides you with a reputable title.

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