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How to buy fake fresno state transcripts

fake diploma
fake diploma

Everyone want to have a Fresno State Transcript but do not want to go for college. In this case, most of the people go for buying fake degrees online by paying a few dollars. But this method could be risky and can involve some damages. In this article we will discuss these damages in detail.


The danger with Fake Transcripts

The danger of being reported and convicted is great. You have to expect to be exposed for life. Anyone who uses certificates to facilitate professional advancement can make forging their IDs a punishable offense. It is an official offense that can be punished with a prison sentence of up to three years or a fine. If convicted, a criminal record is made and the further professional career can be ruined.


Is the falsification of apprenticeship certificates a new phenomenon?

No, there has always been. In the past, a certificate was more likely to be falsified, whereas today there are corresponding offers on the Internet. We live in a time where titles and good degrees are important. It is difficult for anyone who cannot show a good degree on paper. In this environment, it is tempting to have a diploma forged on the Internet with just a few clicks.


What should companies do if they suspect fraud?

If in doubt, it is advisable to ask for the original document. There is also the option to obtain references to ensure that someone has actually obtained a degree. If there is a fake, the police or the public prosecutor’s office can be called in.


Legal Action against the Providers

Taking legal action against foreign providers is difficult. The Swiss law enforcement authorities are only exceptionally responsible for criminal offenses abroad. International mutual legal assistance in criminal matters is time-consuming and, depending on the country, it may not even be a criminal offense.

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