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Ms. Henry is a school and is now an aspect of the University of Reading. It was formed by the merger of the formerly independent Henry School of Management (formerly the Administrators College) and the existing University of Reading. As a result of the merger, it now occupies two sites: the Greenland campus, Henry-on-Tays near the town, the original site of the Henry School of Management, and the Whiteknights campus. By 2020, the school has triple certification through EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB.

The Administrative Staff College was established in Henry on Thames in 1945 and is equivalent to the Civilian College of the Military Staff College. It provides short courses on advanced management issues. The college was offered the right to use Greenland by the third generation of Viscount Hamilton in 1946, and was purchased directly from the family in 1952. In the early days, the college received management consultant and writer Lindel Urwick, scholar Hector Hetherington, civil servant Sir Donald Banks, and businessman Sir Jeffrey Hayworth (later Lord Hayworth); Its curriculum was designed by the first principal Noel Hall. From the beginning, its purpose was to bring together civil servants from Her Majesty the Queen, senior executives from private companies and state-owned industries to help them develop the skills to be promoted to senior managers.The ICMA Center Thomson Reuters Trading RoomHenry opened the first Master of Business program in 1974. It was renamed MBA in the late 1970s. In 2008, the Henry School of Management merged with the University of Reading to form the Henry Business School. It is composed of the School of International Business and Strategy; School of Leadership, Organization and Behavior; School of Marketing and Reputation; School of Business Informatics, Systems and Accounting (including Informatics Research Center); School of Real Estate and Planning; the ICMA Center; and High Management education plan. fake degree.