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Flinders University is a public university founded in 1966, which is based in Adelaide, South Australia. Its main campus is located at Bedford Park in Adelaide’s inner south, with sites at Victoria Square in the centre of the city,Tonsley, regional South Australia, south-west Victoria and throughout the Northern Territory. Buy fake diploma. Buy fake degree. Buy fake certificate. Buy fake diploma in AUS. Purchase fake Flinders University diploma online. Order fake Flinders University diploma online.
The university is focused on global research and contemporary education through its six colleges of Business, Government and Law, Education, Psychology and Social Work, Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Medicine and Public Health, Nursing and Health Sciences and Science and Engineering.
Research interests include biomedical and clinical sciences, culture and the arts, policy and society, health and human behaviour, molecular science and technology, defence, engineering, water and environment. The university’s footprint through central Australia frames its multidisciplinary focus on health education and research in rural and remote areas.Flinders University is a verdant university and a member of the Innovative Research Universities (IRU) Group. Academically, the university pioneered a cross-disciplinary approach to education,and its faculties of medicine and the humanities are ranked among the nation’s top 10.Innovation is embedded in all university programs, supported by the Flinders New Venture Institute, a global entrepreneurship leader located at the University’s high-tech Tonsley campus.In January 2019, Times Higher Education rankings of the world’s top universities ranks Flinders in the 251 – 300th bracket.Flinders University was named in honour of British navigator Matthew Flinders, who explored and surveyed the South Australian coastline in the early 19th century. degree.