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It is a private research university in the United States. It is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was founded by Anthony Chokso in 1891.

Chokso University is famous for its Cooperative Education Program (CO-OP). In the Co-op rankings of the United States, Chokso University ranks at the top. Participating students have the opportunity to gain 18 months of paid full-time work experience before graduation. The university has a complete network of cooperation, including more than 1,600 business, government and non-profit organization partners in 28 states and 25 countries. Employers include top-ranked multinational law firms, banks, companies, and many Forbes 500 companies, such as Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, and Procter & Gamble.

Choxaw University offers 54 kinds of bachelor’s degrees, 41 kinds of master’s degrees, and 18 kinds of doctoral degrees. It is recommended by the “U.S. News and World Report” as one of the best national academic universities in the United States. This award is only two in Philadelphia There are universities owned, one is the University of Pennsylvania, and the other is Jokso University. buy fake diploma. buy fake degree.

According to the report, the library of Jokso University also ranks among the top 10 in the country; in special subjects, the national sports-level gender equality ranks first, and the education cooperation program ranks second. Among the top 100 most wired universities selected by Yahoo’s Internet Life Magazine in the United States, Chokso University ranks first in wireless Internet access rates, which shows the degree of progress of the school. In order to cope with the rapidly changing environment, LeBow School of Business Administration also provides a one-year full-time MBA course for in-service people to choose, and under the same high-quality requirements, they can quickly acquire an academic background.