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CEFAM certificate
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The Centre d’Études Franco-Américain de Management or Franco-American Center for Management Studies in English (commonly referred to as CEFAM), is an international business school located in Lyon, France specializing in Management, Finance, Consulting and Marketing.

This private school was established in 1986 and offers undergraduate and graduate business degrees based on the American education system.

Accessible to students immediately after high school graduation, CEFAM allows students to study in an English language environment and to experience American culture without leaving France. Lectures are taught almost exclusively in English – exception exists for mathematics – by native speakers with strong academic backgrounds and industry experience. Buy fake diploma online.

CEFAM’s programs consist of a bachelor’s degree in three years in France and a year overseas in one of the American partner universities and an MBA over two years, the first in France and the second in the USA. Both the BBA and MBA programs offer a double diploma, including a French diploma certified “Niveau 7″(Master’s degree level) by the French government and an AACSB accredited American degree. buy degree, buy diploma, buy certificate, buy fake degree online, how can I order CEFAM fake diploma?

The school also offers a study abroad program, giving the opportunity to American students from partner universities to study in France for a semester or a year.