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How to get a high quality Cambridge GCE fake certificate?

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Cambridge Assessment International Education (Cambridge International or Cambridge for short, formerly CIE, Cambridge International Examinations) is a provider of international qualifications, providing exams and qualifications to 10,000 schools in more than 160 countries. It is part of the University of Cambridge.

Cambridge International exams prepare students for life, helping them develop informed curiosity and an enduring passion for learning. We are part of Cambridge Assessment, a division of the University of Cambridge. Buy fake ESOL certificate, buy fake Cambridge ESOL transcript, buy fake GCE degree, buy fake Cambridge University degree, buy fake Cambridge University certificate, buy fake Hong Kong GCE certificate.

Over 10,000 schools are part of our Cambridge Learning Community. We operate in 160 countries in 9 regions: North America, Latin America, United Kingdom and Ireland, Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Northeast Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia and the Pacific. We have Cambridge representatives in every region and are a trusted education partner to governments in over 30 countries.

Our international education courses and qualifications are seamless from primary to secondary and pre-university. They have an excellent reputation for preparing for university, work and life, and we are recognised by Ofqual, the UK examinations regulator, to award qualifications.

Qualifications such as Cambridge IGCSE, Cambridge O Level, Cambridge International AS and A Level and Cambridge Pre-U are recognised by universities and employers around the world and open doors for Cambridge learners.

In 1988, the UK GCE O-Level exam was replaced by the new General Certificate of Senior Secondary Education (GCSE), but in some Commonwealth countries (such as Singapore and Malaysia) the O-Level exam existed until 2006, mainly due to the fact that the content of the GCSE is larger than the original. The GCE is lighter. In 1947, British high schools changed from 3 years to 4 years, so students could choose more electives. In 1951 the British government decided to replace the earlier SC and HSC systems GCE. In the GCE system, high school graduates (age 16) take the general level exam (GCE O Level), and college preparatory graduates (age 18) take the advanced level exam (GCE A-Level). In 1989, the British government changed the advanced level examination and added GCE AS Level (advanced level examination). This examination is simpler than GCE A-Level, and students can take GCE A-Level at the same time as AS Level examination. With the introduction of the modular concept, most subjects will have modules for A Level 4 or 6, and AS Level will have half the number of modules. There are generally no restrictions on the choice of module exams, but universities may make adjustments due to problems with applicants’ scores. Candidates generally take 2/3 of the AS Level subject Ratings first, and then complete the rest of the module before they can obtain Level A Level subjects.