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Birmingham City University (Birmingham City University, abbreviation: BCU) is a new university located in Birmingham, United Kingdom. It is the second largest university among the three schools in the city. History can be traced back to the Birmingham College of Art, founded in 1843. It was recognized as a polytechnic in 1971, and was awarded university status in 1992. The university has seven campuses.According to the 1992 Continuation and Higher Education Act, the technical school obtained university status. The British Privy Council awarded him the title of “University of Central England in Birmingham”. Students who graduated in 1992 received a “University of Central England” diploma. In 1995, Birmingham and Solihull College of Nursing and Midwifery and West Midlands School of Radiography were incorporated into the university.In 2003, the university was proposed to be merged into the University of Birmingham, but was immediately rejected by the latter. In November of the same year it was proposed to merge with Aston University, another university in the city, but it was rejected again on December 3.Birmingham City University transcript.Buy fake diploma. Buy fake degree. Buy fake certificate. Buy fake Birmingham City University diploma. Buy fake diploma in UK. Order fake diploma online. Buy fake diploma online.
The university has five outstanding research centers (Centres of Research Excellence). In 2008, the scientific research evaluation concluded that 70% of its research reached international standards and 15% was “international leader”. Research in the field of art and design ranks among the top ten in the country and is one of the three major art schools outside London.Buy diploma. Research capacity ranks 63rd in the country.According to the World University Network Ranking, the university ranked 1847 in the world in 2010.Buy fake diplomas, fake certificates, fake transcripts online