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Where can I buy fake diploma?

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Where can I buy fake diploma?

Where can I buy fake diploma?
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Although fake diploma is only a piece of waste paper in essence, with the improvement of counterfeiting technology, it is difficult to find the difference between it and real diploma without careful observation. Especially every graduation season, there are millions of job seekers. With such a large number, it is difficult for employers to see whether they are true or false even if they are careful when examining their qualifications. Therefore, the reason why fake diploma has a market is that it is difficult to distinguish it with the help of modern counterfeit technology.

Why buy fake diplomas?
Only when there is demand can there be a market. People buy fake diplomas just to give themselves a layer of gold, so that they can reach a higher platform and get more opportunities. Using money to buy a fake diploma can also be used to hide students' original diploma in the family. It can also be shown to parents and friends that there are many students who fail to graduate successfully due to special reasons and fail to get a degree certificate, so they will choose to buy a diploma. To find a better job, for some people, the business is indeed a good deal. After all, the money earned in the future is enough to cover the "investment cost" of tens of thousands of yuan, and even there will be many "surpluses". Don't waste time or spend too much money to get a diploma that can "falsify the truth". Isn't the benefit very considerable?
There are deeper social reasons for the phenomenon of false diploma. Nowadays, diploma has become a stepping stone. The higher the degree, the more gold it contains. Indeed, a diploma can reflect a person's level of knowledge to some extent. But the problem is that some employers pay too much attention to diplomas when they recruit people, which leads to those who are not good enough in diplomas may not have time to show their intelligence and wisdom, and they are passed away. Therefore, the phenomenon that fake diplomas sell well reflects the bad atmosphere of "diploma discrimination" in many employers.

Buying a fake diploma is definitely not the best option.
However, the purchase of fake diplomas is not the best choice to deal with this bad atmosphere, on the contrary, it is the worst choice. After all, fake diplomas don't trade for real knowledge. What's more, in this era of more and more honesty, we can't tolerate the extreme dishonesty of buying fake diplomas. Therefore, instead of spending money to buy a piece of waste paper, it's better to learn a new skill, or get a real diploma through real efforts. This kind of investment will benefit the whole life.