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I’m writing one of those listicle articles I fucking hate. I have struggled for months, for a year, to put into words how bad my MA has been. This is unlikely to be the only article about it, but I have waited long enough. Our results are in a month. I should do well. I should get a high 2nd, or a first.
The experience of doing a master’s in Linguistics at University College London was so overpoweringly disappointing that I don’t care anymore. It was enough to push me away from ever doing a PhD, from ever being a professor…the career path I chose for myself when I was about 17 in the housewares department of Dillard’s (another story). I wanted more than anything to teach university courses, to shape minds, to give a voice to the voiceless…and I am 26 and past those things. I work in a goddamn bar. I work my arse off. My job is physical, not intellectual. I have to commute 90 minutes (at best) home in the dead of night to be able to make a meagre living in a job I love.
Surely many people have just entered the MA Linguistics at UCL. Indeed, this week, a year ago, I was them. I’ve been too afraid to write about what really happened on the programme; I’ve been too afraid to give voice to the concerns I had. I am at the mercy of the UKBA and of UCL, my visa sponsor….I have been living in fear that my voice of dissent might make me a target for deportation or make it so that I couldn’t continue living in the UK. I’m over it. buy UCL degree certificate, where to buy UCL degree certificate. buy UCL degree certificate online
This article is a warning; don’t go to UCL in the Linguistics department. Don’t go if you happen to have had a different undergraduate degree than Linguistics, English, or Languages. Don’t go if you are a high-acheiving international student. Don’t. Go. Reasons follow.Buy fake diploma. Buy fake degree.Buy fake certificate. Order fake diploma online. Purchase fake diploma online. Buy fake diploma online.
I emailed the UCL International Student Co-ordinator at least four times in the summer of 2013. No response. Not. One.Getting a Tier 4 Visa is stressful. Don’t expect UCL to ever help you. They don’t know what to do, and even if they did they wouldn’t tell you because lawsuits or something.Odd, for a sponsoring university. If I breached my Tier 4 visa, they could pay the price. But fuck that. It’s my sole responsibility. They won’t try to keep you in status. Good luck with that…UCL could easily end up like London Metropolitan University.  I will be writing a ‘Things No One Told Me About My Tier 4 Visa’ post soon to help out with those pesky little oversights that could send a.Buy fake diploma.